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How to Find a Song from a Tune

Finding a song from a tune stuck in your head can be challenging, but there are several effective methods to help you identify it. This guide will explore various techniques, apps, and online tools that can assist you in recognizing that elusive melody.

Using Music Identification Apps


Shazam is one of the most popular music identification apps available. Simply open the app and tap the Shazam button while the song is playing. Shazam will listen to the tune and provide you with the song title, artist, and other relevant information within seconds.


SoundHound offers a unique feature that allows you to hum or sing the melody if the song isn’t playing live. Just tap the SoundHound button and hum the tune to receive possible matches. It’s particularly useful when you can’t recall the lyrics but remember the melody.

Online Tools and Services


Midomi is an online platform where you can sing, hum, or whistle the melody to identify the song. Visit the Midomi website, click the “Click and Sing or Hum” button, and perform the tune. Midomi will analyze your input and provide potential song matches.


Musipedia is a comprehensive online music search engine. You can use the melody search, which allows you to play the tune on a virtual piano keyboard or whistle it using a microphone. Musipedia also supports rhythm search and contour search, offering multiple ways to identify your song.

Leveraging Voice Assistants

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can help identify songs playing around you. Simply say, “Hey Google, what song is this?” and Google Assistant will listen and provide the song information. This feature is built into many Android devices and smart speakers.


If you use an Apple device, Siri can identify songs as well. Activate Siri and say, “What song is this?” Siri will listen and give you details about the song playing in the background.

Community and Social Media Platforms


Reddit has various communities dedicated to song identification. Subreddits like r/tipofmytongue and r/NameThatSong are great places to post your query. Provide as much detail as possible, such as the melody, lyrics you remember, or any distinctive features of the song, and the community will help you out.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups focused on music identification are another excellent resource. Join groups where members help each other identify songs. Posting a recording of you humming or whistling the tune can lead to quick responses from group members.

Analyzing Lyrics and Melody

Using Lyrics Search Engines

If you remember any part of the lyrics, even a short phrase, use a lyrics search engine like LyricFind or Genius. Enter the lyrics snippet, and these platforms will provide you with potential matches.

Music Recognition Software

Software like Audacity can be used to analyze the tune’s waveform. While more complex and technical, this method can help you match the melody to known songs through databases like MusicBrainz.

Traditional Methods

Asking Friends and Family

Sometimes the simplest method is to ask those around you. Friends and family might recognize the tune you’re trying to identify. This traditional method is surprisingly effective, especially with well-known songs.

Visiting Music Stores

Music store employees often have extensive knowledge of various music genres. Hum or sing the tune to them, and they might be able to identify it or point you in the right direction.

Identifying a song from a tune can be a fun and rewarding process. With the variety of apps, online tools, and community resources available, finding that elusive song has never been easier. Whether you use Shazam, hum into SoundHound, or seek help from online communities, there’s a method that will work for you. Happy song hunting!

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